I always say ‘privileged,” because I believe it so true, when I am hired to photograph any job, but especially a wedding. Danielle and Lee were married in the Tacoma Convention Center, an amazing facility with ramps, catwalks, huge windows, wooden beams, and amazing light, just to whet your appetite with a few awesome features about the place.  Every area was great for photographing the bride and groom and wedding party!  Some of the stair shots were quite fun to create, with me clear across the room on a step stool, trying not to fall off onto the escalator I was hovering over.  This couple and their friends were so much fun and held such respect for each other… Nothing was held back. I hope you enjoy these photos from this wedding as much as I enjoyed creating them. Privileged? You bet. Thank you Danielle and Lee for entrusting me with your wedding memories!