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February 2019

Eye Care Photos


Glasses anyone? Eye exam, perhaps? Recently, I enjoyed photographing a nearby eye care business. Honestly, I love photographing so many different businesses!  Small, but impressive. Everything was laid out perfectly, with great precision. The chairs were straight. The glasses were exactly where they should be, in prefect harmony with each other and in perfectly [...]

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Mountains in the Night


Now our winter tour takes us to the evening, when the mountains can be just as beautiful as during the day, especially if the cougars, wolves, and coyotes aren’t hungry. I have two photographs that are very similar. The first, is the view from high atop one of the smaller mountains that overlooks the [...]

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January 2019

The Lion


The town of Puyallup, Washington boasts an area of land known as “The Plains”. This area is not popular because it is so discreet, few people are privy to its existence. Those who are, visit it with regularity. Open grassy fields, creek beds, and ponds suggest to visitors a scene from Africa, not a [...]

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